Vintage Fabric Mask Rainbow Pride - The Curatorial Dept.
Vintage Fabric Mask Rainbow Pride - The Curatorial Dept.

Vintage Fabric Mask Rainbow Pride

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Meet your forever mask❣️The Curatorial Dept. teamed up with fiber artist Hazel Butterfield Tate to make another very special batch of one-of-a-kind masks using vintage fabrics. This one features:

Vintage Rainbow Fabric

Lightweight damask yellow cotton lining 


Hand washable

We realize there are more affordable masks to be had! But ours feature hand stitching and specially sourced, sometimes even rare materials. We wanted to feature this new garment on the block in the same way we do all of our vintage and designer clothing: something to keep forever (or at least for a really long time!) Plus the money goes to worthy local causes:

-Funding for approx. 100 fabric masks/week created for Supplies Save Lives, which are in turn distributed to an ever-growing list of workers in need in the Los Angeles area*
-A percentage donated to No Kid Hungry
-A percentage goes to our store, The Curatorial Dept., to offset rent costs on the open/shuttered/open/shuttered again? shop, as we fight to stay in business.
-BLM mask proceeds are donated to Black Lives Matter - Los Angeles

*If you’re in the Los Angeles area and have extra hospital grade face masks, gloves, wipes, or thermometers to donate, please text MASKS to 844.974.2444. Supplies Save Lives will pick up your materials and donate them on your behalf.

You can find a pattern to create your own mask, plus a database to connect you to organizations in need at: